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A wireless network audit is crucial if we want to determine the correct device placement, network parameters, diagnose and detect abnormalities, and select optimum methods for correcting them.

Network audits directly entail accurate and methodical measurements of the network. In order to maintain the optimum network performance and provide the conditions for the effective operation of the infrastructure – measurements, as well as audits, should be regularly performed.

Wireless Network Audits.

Network audits aim at investigating how devices comprising wireless network infrastructures in neighboring enterprises and organizations affect each other. During an audit procedure, we evaluate the actual security, effectiveness, and performance of Wi-Fi networks. The results of inspections and measurements constitute a real in-depth insight into the condition of a network.

Wi-Fi Network Measurements.

The measurements carried out by our specialists include comprehensive surveys of individual parameters of Wi-Fi network performance. The most essential survey involves checking the signal power in real environment. Then, we verify the signal coverage within the area subject to the survey. We simulate the signal coverage area in the event that one or more APs were damaged.

During the measurements, we check the radio network vulnerability to attacks and intrusions and plan the optimum distribution of APs in terms of wireless network parameters.

How do we perform a radio network audit?

An audit consists of multiple levels and stages.


At the very beginning, we create a detailed inventory of all the active devices in a wireless network.


Then, we perform measurements and surveys of radio wave propagation. Those measurements allow us to verify the actual range and bandwidth of the Wi-Fi network.


Subsequently, we analyze the signal coverage area and eliminate zones with a low signal level and, at the same time, we analyze the signal spectrum and eliminate interference.



Further, our experts carry out performance and penetration testing of the Wi-Fi network and verify the results obtained against the primary assumptions made at the network design stage.



The next step involves verifying the correct configuration of the active elements of the network.

Finally, a summary report is drawn up and the infrastructure and network are corrected and reconfigured if necessary.

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