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Design of LAN and Wi-Fi.

Properly designed LAN and WAN are the most important stage during the process of building a network system in an enterprise.

The rich experience we have acquired in tens of successful deployments over the many years makes us the right partner for you that can guarantee an accurate design of wired LAN networks and Wi-Fi radio networks based on the best practices and modern technologies. Our deployments are based on solutions supplied by the leading network hardware manufacturers, such as Cisco Systems, Brocade, Aerohive Networks, Juniper Networks, Fortinet, Ruckus Wireless, and many other technology partners.

How to effective design a Network?

At the very beginning of a cooperation – before taking up the technical design – we determine goals to be achieved, limitations, as well as priorities of the network and the network infrastructure to be built.

Being aware of those aspects is absolutely crucial to create an optimum design tailored to the requirements and limitations of our Clients.

Indeed, all the key network features, such as

  • security
  • scalability
  • flexibility
  • efficiency

and reliability depend on the correct and effective network infrastructure design.

Design Wi-Fi Networks.

We determine spatial needs and conditions by means of Wi-Fi network measurements, which constitute the keystone of designing a Wi-Fi network that properly fulfills its functions. During a site survey, our experts calculate the distribution of APs (access points) in order to achieve the optimum signal power and prevent channels from overlapping. Properly distributed access points allow creating the appropriate conditions to ensure the key radio network parameters: data rate, capacity, and proper coverage area.

Furthermore, a site survey involves the examination of the presence of neighboring Wi-Fi networks and their influence, as well as interference from various different radio signal sources. We also plan the routes of structured cabling (optical fiber or copper cables) along with the necessary network infrastructure.

One of the fundamental parameters of radio networks is their capacity. It determines the network potential to maintain an efficient and stable connection within a particular area depending on the network load. The capacity is calculated based on the number of users in particular network regions and their communication needs.

Design Wired LAN Networks.

A local area network is a communication bloodstream of an enterprise. Without it, nothing works. When designing a LAN network, our greatest focus is placed on its reliability, efficiency, and security. In the old days, when you heard “LAN”, you thought switches connecting end users and routers enabling communication between subnetworks. Today, the idea of LAN is much more complicated. Local area network design involves such aspects as access control systems (NAC/802.1X), SDN controllers, virtual solutions (vSwitch), VXLAN, monitoring systems, threat detection systems, local firewalls between network segments, guest access systems, and many more.

When designing LAN networks, it is important to consider their segmentation. LAN segmentation into virtual networks (VLANs) allows dividing a physical network into specific areas that will be isolated from each other. Thus, it is possible to increase security within individual subnetworks and use communication within an area more effectively.

Besides the above aspects, during the design stage, it is important to consider installing redundant devices that improve network reliability and using proper security systems

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