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Learn our comprehensive offer of networking solutions dedicated to local area networks (LAN), wide area networks (WAN), and wireless networks (Wi-Fi). Your company can benefit from our complementary solutions to create flexible, scalable, and reliable networking infrastructures tailored to the needs of your company.

LAN Networks.

We have been creating functional LAN networks based on cutting-edge technology, advanced switches, SFP modules, and other elements of their architecture. In order to manage networks in an efficient and effective way, we implement reliable management systems. Each LAN network we design, create, and deploy receives a monitoring tool recommendation to ensure that the network operates properly at all times. LAN networks are perfect for connecting single office buildings and campuses that are scattered within a small area.

We are capable of creating networks with almost any bandwidth, functionalities, unlimited scalability, and flexible configuration. As we collaborate with numerous vendors, we can propose solutions tailored to the needs of our Clients, both those who require premium quality and performance and those who are rather looking for more economical solutions.

DWDM/CWDM systems allow us to multiply optical fiber capacities in optical networks, which contributes to higher performance and bandwidth.

WAN Networks.

WAN networks are dedicated to facilities, offices, and locations characterized by high geographical distribution. Designing, building, and deploying WAN networks, we are determined to meet your requirements while analyzing available resources and limitations. If you are looking for efficient networking solutions that would connect your company’s departments, we recommend our professional services.

We use cutting-edge and safe encrypted VPN tunnels to join remote locations. What is more, we implement advanced and efficient WAN accelerators for better data and information transmission performance. In order to make everything run smoothly, our deployments are based on reliable routers that connect local area networks over WAN, maintaining the highest possible availability and data rate. IWAN (intelligent WAN) solutions offered by NetFormers help our customers to fully utilize their links and provide best networking experience.

Network Cloud Management.

When choosing networking solutions today, it is crucial to make their deployment as fast and simple as possible, with maintenance costs kept to a minimum. Centralization of the management system of an entire network infrastructure, monitoring, and simple troubleshooting allow more effective use of human resources in IT departments and contributes to optimizing maintenance costs. 

At the moment, Network Cloud Management is becoming one of the key networking technologies. Managing an infrastructure via a public or private cloud makes it possible to manage the ever-growing number of network devices effectively without any loss of performance and with the high level of network security maintained.

Next Generation Wi-Fi.

Along with the cloud revolution, our offer has expanded to include Next Generation Wi-Fi solutions and other modern solutions improving the safety and flexibility of enterprise networks.

We offer controllerless solutions which – as the name itself indicates – do not require controllers to manage network devices. Such systems are based on central configuration management and monitoring performed via cloud or a dedicated virtual machine. In a distributed model, however, any control functions are performed by access points themselves, which makes the entire system independent from any centralized control system.  

Controllerless systems are usually less expensive, offer better redundancy and scalability, and are perfect for deployments in geographically distributed enterprise environment.

Next Generation Wi-Fi systems constitute undoubtedly one of the most attractive high-tech solutions in the market. WaaS (Wireless as a Service) solutions provide outstandingly high flexibility and scalability, the possibility of full adaptation to the requirements of a company, and reduction of costs related to the maintenance of own IT infrastructure.

Network Monitoring Systems.

Network monitoring systems allow companies to analyze LAN and WAN traffic in terms of both their use and security. You can use sniffers, which are tools for network analysis, to diagnose and detect various kinds of problems relating to networks and applications, as well as monitor system security through advanced traffic analysis. Systems recording the entire network traffic are also popular, as they provide a good basis for network forensics and incident post-incident analysis.

Our designs often use NetFlow-based analysis, which allows creating various kinds of reports on the basis of traffic statistics.

Analyzing network traffic is an extremely important issue, especially from the point of view of network security monitoring. Advanced network traffic analysis tools let us protect networks more effectively and detect any abnormalities much faster. One of the most effective analysis tools are the previously mentioned sniffers. We couple network traffic analysis systems with systems recording the entire network traffic for the purposes of network forensics. Thus, we can accurately and methodically monitor the entire traffic flowing through the networks of a company on an ongoing basis, protecting them against intrusions and data breach.

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